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About Us

Sometimes families need support. We are here to help.

Who We Are

The founder of Vessels With Purpose, Ms. Cynthia Thomas, worked as a Sub-Federal Contractor under Prime Federal Contractor for several years. In 2004, She found herself with her contract not being renewed and began praying to God to touch the decision makers' hearts and renew her contract. During her prayer time, God spoke to her and said he wanted her to work with children.

In 2007, she began working with foster care agencies and became a foster parent, and in 2016 she established her non-profit organization. In 2018, Vessels With Purpose Child Placing agency started the pursuit to service children in foster care and developed foster parents who would become Vessels with the goal of care and nurturing youth in crisis.

The mission of Vessels with Purpose is twofold:
  • support families during times of crisis by providing safe and supportive foster care placement, community outreach, and resources for families in need.
  • provide nurturing and safe environments to the voiceless!


  • Integrity
    We intentionally strive to display credibility, good faith, and morality throughout our daily endeavors and encounters.

  • Innovation
    We strive to continue evolving in an ever-changing society, seeking creativity and flexibility as the needs of the community's grassroots grow.

  • Relationships
    We will cultivate relationships throughout our community and marketplace through collaborations and support. Understanding the greater need for human kindness and love.



3 Performance Indicators

Vessels With Purpose 3 Key Performance Indicators are Customer Satisfaction, Revenue Growth, and Profit Margin.

Customer Satisfaction
The agency is contracted with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Service: VWP has been fully operational since 2018 and has remained in good standing. 

Revenue Growth 
The agency's revenue has increased steadily within the past four years. Retaining a profit growth for operational budget. 

Profit Margin 
The agency has maintained 3 times the revenue, based on revenue per client. 

What We Do